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Rumours and Stuff

Poupou Escobar

Post Whore
Opacic I highly doubt is being offered 500k in UK.
I reckon he could get 150k-200k here Max. And maybe 300-350k there. I don't think the money in the UK is anywhere near what it used to be 10yrs ago. You hardly ever see guys flock over like we used to.
This shit would always be misreported after several rounds of Chinese whispers. It could be $500k over two years, with a third year club option. Easy enough for that to end up in the papers as $500k per year for three years.


First Grade
Well thats kinda shit. He couldnt get more here? .... get out your cheque book uncle wayne
Think we were happy to keep him but only on a 1 year deal.

he may have got $450k over 3 years with us, but it would of been 12 months at a time which isn’t much security


Staff member
Curious. Would a 17yld who is playing jersey flegg be under a contract with $$
At what point do clubs begin to pay kids.
Depends on the player…

I know of a mid teen year old player signed by a Sydney Club on a long term deal includes pretty expensive school fees

while I know of a former Flegg player who was a starter, who’s contract with his local club was worth move than the NRL one……


I remember reading some rival fans talking about how Radradra was just a big slow lump. Goes to show it's not just our fans who have no idea.

I doubt anyone really thought that he was just a big slow lump mate. They probably thought you were a weirdly dumb intelligent statistician know it all, like we do here and wanted to give you sh*t. No surprise there. You are poo.

Parra-Poo servant.