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Tim Sheens will reportedly have total power over the Wests Tigers’ football operations after his role with the club was expanded.
That was my first impression.

We went after sheensy earlier this season when the club realised the improvement wasn’t were it should be.

Madge will be under Sheens.

But instead of being a threat, they will be in together. There will be times that they disagree but if Tim is going to overrule on an issue, then he will have to accept the outcome.

For Madge too, he will have a a person to bounce ideas off and get more knowledge and share the troubles.

Madge is the hardest working coach in the NRL, so much pressure and I think Tim’s contribution will be fantastic for him.

Lee said it is co-operative in nature.

I think it’s a great idea.
It won’t be….and what happens to Hartigan‘s role?
It will be most of the time, until Tim pulls rank but as I said, he also has to own any meddling with Madge. He can’t escape consequences of interference that results in a catastrophe.

Hartigan in theory, I suppose he is being demoted again. He’s done ok with the hand as dealt but not stratospheric.

We still lack marquee, next year might be easier with half the game on the market.

I am looking forward to sheens screwing with the players heads. Desperately needed after this season.

We could have a “good cop” “bad cop” thing happening. “

WA Tiger


Tim Sheens will reportedly have total power over the Wests Tigers’ football operations after his role with the club was expanded.
Ok good. Things are going as planned…the clubs best decision in a long time to give the power to sheens..Now we know whose going to win the arguments ..just need to get Flanagan in, Sheens would pick Flanagan and I think they would get on
we currently have a catastrophe..The problem is it’s been carastrophic for so long, that noone seems to notice
Certainly a word to which we have become far too accustomed to describe our plight. I agree.

And by extension, we are hard wired to predict that the outcome of any change now is yet another flamenco dance around the real issues.

But as you know, there is little choice but to hope and pray that this years episode of change presents as some kind of progress.

In terms of structural change Lee was promising , I must concede that it is more somewhat radical than the axing of the physio.

At least my thesis that Tim will be in command appears to have eventuated. Basically wanted the urgent play for Hodgo and all in club opposition ( if any) was swept aside. That is real spine-tingling power.

But this is the tip of the iceberg. What remains of the current group will need to be brought to a space approaching optimum on a regular basis. Something Madge and his 2021 group failed to achieve and it seems a number of them are sharing a cab with Harto.

There is a small spring in my step, but it’s measured and could be confused from afar as looking more like a limp.

That’s as high as I can put it atm WA. I liked your point.
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Bearing in mind, he is not the coach or the selector?

But, we all seem to remember his unusual selection ideas.

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