Shit coaching.. FULL STOP!!

Discussion in 'Wests Tigers' started by macnaz, May 17, 2018.

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    Bottom line we have a squad made up of plodders who are really having a go. The reason we have no attack is pretty simple, we have no speed or power. Most of Penrith's forward pack could match any of our backs over 20 yards.

    Cleary could only recruit players who wanted to come to us and that was not many. Not sure how they are going to do it but they need to recruit some class in a hurry
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    The wheels fall off the minute packer and mutts come off, its like clockwork. One of them needs to start on the bench.
  3. the beavers

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    Agree with all Liddle has to start
    Matalino back to bench

    We lack speed and power and therefore penetration... can’t expect much from Benji or brooks from flat starts.... although brooks going wider rather than deeper against their rush didn’t help

    Fonua returning will help
    I think tui is overweight and a little lazy but perhaps he returns
    Might also be a good week to rest Benji and give gamble a go.... really rate what I’ve seen of him in isp
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    Hope Gamble makes his debut soon.
  5. BuffaloRules

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    What worries me about some of the recruits is that several are on overs and contracted for a longer than ideal period...

    The guys that post here are not dummies so they will understand the reality of this..

    When you look ahead to 2020 this is a concern...They will still have on the books Mats, Reynolds, McQueen who will be past it by then and Nofo will still have two years to go...

    It’s fine to think that you can tell these guys to move on, but this is hardly a guarantee... we know this first hand..
  6. The Charlatan

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    Well that advertises itself. If Ivan can get this mob competing, imagine where he can take talented players.

    To be fair, coaching didn't have anything to do with the bullshit effort in the second half last night. It was a brave defensive display, but we gave the ball away as soon as we got possession. Our game turned when Merrin was sin binned, Marshall gave up the possession cheaply and we were never in it after that.

    Dumb low percentage shit like poor passes out of DH, passes out of the ruck going to nobody/ground, passing to the fullback on kick returns. Nofo saved a couple of tries last night with some desperate efforts but he got caught in goal running 10-15 metres along the goal line instead of stepping inside Peachey, threw lofted passes for Thompson to run on the kick returns instead of taking the line on himself. Just silly simple dumb errors that we were not making at the beginning of the year. Marshall is the ring leader of this, as soon as they pumped his tyres he went back to trying to score off every play, I really dared let myself believe he changed. We've been in games this year in spite of our attack. Go back to playing for position and possession and let our defence do the rest.
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    What was noticeable last night was how young and enthusiastic the Panthers pack was in comparison to our pack of old boys who lacked energy.
    The WT have younger forwards like JJ,Aloai,MCK that need to be given ago and blooded into the team.

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