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Discussion in 'Other Sport and Pastimes' started by Fufu Andronez, Mar 2, 2014.

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    Jones’ sees Izzy as his Conor McGregor...

    Conor was too small for him to fight so he’s sees Izzy as his chance to get the Conor type hype/money.

    Never mind the fact Izzy weighed 3lbs under the MW limit and could seriously cut down to WW if he chose to.

    I like Izzy... but he needs to stay the f**k away from Jon Jones... that’s a nightmare matchup for him.

    He’s just too small...

    I notice Jones has deleted all his tweets about Izzy now... :joy::joy:

    Someone must’ve told him he’s looking like a hater... :joy::joy:
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    Jones would destory Izzy. Izzy's biggest weapons such as height and reach are no longer in his favour, and Jones would manhandle him in the clinch. But I'd be cheering like hell for Izzy. If it ever happens, it needs to be down the track. Not now, not in a hurry.

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