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The Rumours Thread

You would assume Allan and/or Russell
If both had two functioning legs, you'd say Russell.
But Allan will have zero input 2024 anyway.

Can't we drop Allan for 2024 (we must pay him anyway) and keep him around with a view to a potential new contract 2025? (Depending upon new recruitments - if any.)

Long term I'd take a fit Allan over a fit Russell.


Report by Carayannis per Red V Podcast socials: the Dragons will pay an average of less than 700k per season for Luciano Leilua. With his former club coughing up 400k this season and contributing to his deal next season.

The Dragons, flush with cap room, will continue chasing teammates Luki and Finefeuiaki.


First Grade

mate is this true the below re $30k a game in NSW Cup and or Qld Cup ????

seems outrageous vs TT and the Sal Cap ????

"Pangai jnr has held preliminary talks with the Broncos, who are open to keeping salary cap space and a roster spot free for him pending his form and fitness.
Any deal would need the NRL’s salary cap auditor to approve a nominal value for Pangai jnr’s signing, which would likely be based on his most recent $750,000 salary and potentially break down to just under $30,000 per game."

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