Time to take the pacific!!

Discussion in 'International' started by roughyedspud, Feb 28, 2019.

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    This x10000000000.

    That all said, these nations are tiny anyway and as harsh as this will be, and there will be blowback etc - Wouldn't you rather Japan/United States over Tonga and Samoa? It's just money at the end of the day.
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    These are poor countries and the young men who are born there need to find paid work of one kind or another. Professional sport is an obvious avenue for them. I doubt that they care much which sport it is, as long as they can earn some money for their families.
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    The only people that have an interest in Union in both countries are the older generation.. As is 50 plus. Anyone under 50 is Rugby League.
    Id be interested in knowing what you base your opinion on?
    Me? Ive lived on each island for close to 2 years and have visited many times. Every village has a cousin that plays for some team at some level and whether they born in Samoa or not it doesn't matter. You clearly don't understand the cultures involved if you think a passport is a defining document for these people. But i agree re junior development. The structures are not in place.
    I also agree 100% with PNG. It is an absolute gold mine for league and I'm basing that on 1 visit to the island. Huge population obsessed with league. But like Samoa and Tonga no junior structure whatsoever. Either way I've posted many a time about how i think PNG is the future for League and how the NRL needs to go about it. Its embarrassing the small mindness involved when it comes to PNG
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    They may very well like and play the game but like I said, what good is it if there's no pathway to their national team, no pathway to higher level, their national team doesn't even visit once a year?
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    Let's be specific about the Pacific.Rugby league develop the area.

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