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Trial versus Storm

Spot On

How's that a positive for us?

Are you suggesting we "should" beat them? Because we know how it goes down on games we expect to win LOL.

Call me hopeful but I reckon we'll win 2 out of the next 4.

Agree, must win 2 out of the next 4.

Spot On

Quality thread.

Seems there are quite a few MIA Slots.

Many had the Knight's Goggles on during the trial. However, there were a few 'keen eyes' watching the trial who expressed concern at what they saw. Otherwise known as wrist slitting to the more emotional supporters.

As was stated last year, much to the disgust of many, our players are extremely over rated and simply not that good.

Only one tackle made by us last night with any sting in it - come on down Brodie Jones. The rest look as though they have a virus and are flat out tired and devoid of any strength when hitting in defence.

Four freaking halfbacks on the field last night. Coach needs to decide who is running the show and let him run it.

The trial form continues ... and the problems with the roster, contracts and depth are not going away.

It will be interesting to see if a player like Jones gets more minutes soon and a couple of the props get a rocket. Dan S - surely Origin is not on the radar this season, or does he think he's a walk up start?
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Except for players truly stinking it up like Mann and Tuala there's no real point in talking about who may or may not be overrated/not good enough talent wise.

The whole attitude of the team stinks right now and we know there are several players who are performing below their own standard. It's harder to gauge individuals when the team is dishing this garbage up as a whole.

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