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Ultimate (douche) Warrior


has been waging war with the hulkster online. this guy was good for a year or two way back then but not really sure how he built up this ego of his. hes still going on about all the 'warriors' out there. do these people actually exist? i cant imagine seeing a warrior run on my town square with fluro ribbons around his legs or her arms. Th best thing the undertaker ever did was join with jake the snake and lock this idiot in a pit of snakes. last time i saw warrior he ruined the best ever pay per view wcw prsopect when they had the likes of hogan, hart, nash, etc in a cgae match and he ran out and shook the cage until it fell down. i ll never forgive this monkey

Big Pete

To sum up mackdaddy is referring to an online shoot preview Warrior posted where he alleged Hogan is addicted to crack, is a dope head, got others addicted, whored out his wife and broke up Savage and Liz. The video was posted in response to an interview Hogan did on Savage recently where he told a few unflattering stories about the Macho Man.

Warrior is insane but I'm prepared to believe 90% of what he's saying is true.


First Grade
Whilst warrior is a douche (I mean he changed his name to the warrior, proof enough) but everytime he comes out and shoots on others, in which he has no reason... Basically indicates that he is doing it for himself. I personally believe him. He has previously come out and spoke about roids in the industry, he wasn't afraid to speak about himself either.

Hogan does seem like a peice of crap and always has been. Ruined so many careers by refusing to job to anyone considering his style died in the arse approximately 20 years ago. Anyone remember what hogan used to say about Bret hart? Hogan is trash.


Staff member
Yeah agreed with the sentiments here, Warrior is a weirdo but the guy has been victimised by the WWE for telling the truth, the fact that he took roids and that he didn't care about wrestling nor the history, he simply did it for the money.

I think the guy is pretty honest, that's what has always gotten him in trouble.

And yes Hogan is a tool of the highest order


Posted something on his twitter that went along the lines of "If I, Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, (continue to list another 5 or so TNA stars) ever listened to our doctors advice we'd have retired years ago."

:lol: Ironic though. If Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan listened to anybody's advice they would have retired years ago.


The DVD that the WWE came out with about The Warrior was interesting to say the least.

Agent Mulder

When i watched the Ulitmate Warrior years ago, I rated him higher then Hogan and marked out strong when Warrior went over Hogan at WM 6

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