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Vs Cowboys game thread

No one was thinking about the 1 point in defense for Warriors.
Then no short kick to try to get back back after.
No football brains out there.


Bleh went to the outside shoulder. Can’t do it. No try every day of the week.

The thing is he didn’t need to do it. Very lazy on his part. Just like when he dropped it cold with a 4 on 1.

He’s got to be up there with our worst ever buys. Well done Cameron and Stephen.

How many players in history can you think of that are possibly the worst buys ever for two clubs??? That's pretty special
Post match conference:
Feels a bit like last week, one we let slip, did good things, lacked composure at time, didnt build enough pressure, that was disappointing part of the performance. (You picked the same team, leave a 19 yr old in his 3rd game, no other half partner and expected different results????)
Execution stood out, made more line break and tackle breaks, not executing a final pass.
Pointed out Blair impeding in no try.
Happy it as a no try.
Final 20 mins not only problem, lacked direction and composure inside their 20m.
Fus will most likely be out with short turn around.
Green trained well but feeling tightness, advisable to rest with short turn around.
Luke not injured, planned to bring him into game then. Nathanial building to play mins again.
Jazz on bench questioned, has to look at it for next week and the situation if done again.
Plays not necessarily to blame, more the execution of the pass or catch.
Last year going into short turn around we had win against Dragons and into a tough match against Melbourne. We will be ready for this one. (Hahahhahha)
Fus rib cartilage by the look but not sure, no other injuries.


Luke not injured, planned to bring him into game then.

So lemme get this straight. Bringing on Luke and Paasi with 5 minutes remaining–after the game was essentially lost–was part of the plan?! This guy might be more clueless than we think.

I'm no NRL coach, but I think that would have needed to be 10 minutes earlier. How much impact can you expect them to have in about 2 sets?

Our players (apart from a few like RTS) are severely underperforming, no doubt, but the longer Mooks coaches the less faith I have in him. He continues to do some really really stupid shit.