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What are your favourite rugby league images ?

How can we forget this golden picture -

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So good.

And so much going on at that moment.

Woods in orbit
Jennings - the (winning) try scorer celebrating on his own, completely ignored.
Maloney picking a scrap with Corey Parker
Jack Bird trying to get Parker also and bouncing off the celebrating pack...


Reposting this from Ricky Stuart thread.

Watching this at 3am jumping on my lounge… best game of rugby league I’ve ever seen, with the most epic finish…

While I’ve never spotted it… Mark “Tubby” Taylor was a young teenager and sitting where this fight broke out. He was playing in a schoolboys rep side earlier in the evening….which was only his 2nd or 3rd game of rugby league… (he got roped in from a Union team to fill in for a League team at school), and got picked to go up to Lang park. His team got to sit on the sidelines for the main event and this happens right in their lap…

I also think it was his last game of league before he quit both codes and focussed on cricket…

To play only a handful of league games, play at Lang park, sit on the sidelines for a test match, and be right amongst one of the most infamous fights of all time….

Then go on to play and captain Australia…

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