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What are your favourite rugby league images ?



The best sporting arena in Australia (& the world) with the greatest game in Australia (& the world). No bias of course..
Hmmm it is unique.... with the contrast of stands, the hill, the incredible playing surface, the scoreboard, 60k capacity, proximity to the city center. Is it the best in Australia though? maybe.

horrie hastings

First Grade
Personally on my sporting bucket list, preferably for a day/night cricket Test, but anything will do to be honest...

Wasn't the best to watch rugby league from but was sitting right at the fence so the advertising boards were a bit of a hindrance, in hindsight for a league game i would sit in the first rows of the stand for a better view up a bit higher but as a venue it was excellent, food and beverage outlets great and it would offer a great experience watching cricket or AFL there, two nights before the Roosters played there, Adelaide played Hawthorn and the crowd was over 45,000, i imagine the atmosphere would have been electric for that.
And of the course there is the old scoreboard.
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