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Will it run?


This is the Caravaggio colt I bought a share in from this years GC Magic Millions.

Me and a mate who also bought a share are calling him “The Vadge” for now.

He looks to be filling out quite well I thought.

He is through Proven Thoroughbreds and was with John Bateman but since he retired he is now going to Kerry Parker in Port Kembla.

I see he trained a Group 1 winner earlier this year. Any of you blokes know much else about him?


Post Whore
I reckon he would of went well down here if he had of shuttled later in life i.e. after more Fastnet mares started hitting the breeding barn.

His record internationally though is pretty much unparalleled.

Coolmore owe a lot to that horse.
91 group 1 winners and 20 of his sons have sired group 1 winners. Ridiculous.