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    2021 R19 Sat - Penrith 18-12 Brisbane @ Suncorp

    Don’t forget we had no Cleary, APi, and lost Yeo after 9 minutes. I think Yeo is as big a loss as Cleary!
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    News Coronavirus and NRL

    Do you honestly think that a story like this would break in the UK and not by Slothfield or Weidler? Come on !
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    Melbourne could field 2 competitive teams

    That shows the gulf between NRL and NSW Cup. The Panthers have only lost one game in NSW Cup this year. But the oldest player in the club is only 29.
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    Pennies v warriors

    TheWarriors were on the right side of a 7-0 penalty count, which is a massive leg up. Penrith was also playing with half a spine. The Warriors were good, but the defence held them to 3 tries even though they had 55% possession.
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    Pennies v warriors

    Can’t miss the finals now! No worse than 6th!
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    Question on Peter V'landys

    The three best attacking teams are also the three best defensive teams. This leads to blowouts.
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    The Game Future NRL Stadiums part II

    Not if the kpi was counting crowds accurately!
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    The Parramatta Panthers? How close bitter NRL rivals came to merging [Fox Sports]

    All I mean there is nothing to be gained by revisiting this. What was the point of it resurfacing now?
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    The Parramatta Panthers? How close bitter NRL rivals came to merging [Fox Sports]

    This is all ancient history! We didn’t sign, we still exist - that’s all that matters. Let’s get back to the present.
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    Player Movements & Contract Lengths

    How do you know we are still paying?
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    2021 NRL Season Statistics

    If it is so easy to score points how come Penrith has less than 10 points per game scored against them? Combine good attack and defence against lousy attack and defence and you get lobsided score lines. It is not the rules - just bad teams which cant handle adversity!
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    New stadium - 2025

    Seems there was no stadium in the budget. Another media beat up.
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    General Discussion Thread

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    2021 NRL Season Statistics

    There was only one restart in the first half of Penrith v Roosters yet Penrith dominated possession by some of the best kicking from Penrith in years. They forced 6 dropouts in the first half. None of this had anything whatever to do with the new rules. it just has to be acknowledged that some...
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    Predictions 2021 - Can ANY team outside top 5 make a late season run?

    What a load of bs. They wouldn’t have made the GF if this was the case. Besides they now have that experience to draw on.