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  1. goggles

    Who would you prefer to support?

    You've taken the words out of my mouth Possm. I'd add that the team should be based primarily in the Gong, taking advantage of the talent from the south coast region. Somewhere down the track, as much as I hate to say it, we should swallow up the sharks and then be the team that represents the...
  2. goggles

    Dragons players of the late 80s early 90s

    Shane Flanagan, Bert Gordon, Pat Jarvis, Chris Guider and Geoff Selby
  3. goggles

    Steven Masters to Bunnies?

    Don't know and don't really care tbh. As I said at the time, he has the ability (just like Mann, who I was actually commenting on)... whether he gets there will depend on a lot of things, and for mine nothing has changed on that front. To be fair to him, he's still young and in his first year at...
  4. goggles

    Steven Masters to Bunnies?

    and Mary... which you were all for! Once again, we keep the chaff and p*ss away the wheat.
  5. goggles

    The Rumours Thread

    Unlike Mary, who has to be resigned for another 3 years asap, because he's in such high demand...
  6. goggles

    Who are the fastest players we have?

    Tony Williams Graeme Bradley (aka the penguin) moved from the centres to second row
  7. goggles

    Is It Time For SGI To Address Their TPA Problem

    Together, the Storm and Broncos receive about as much as the other 14 clubs combined... and if the rumours / innuendo about uncle Nick and the Roosters are true, then the big 3 would be dwarfing the other 13 teams. It's good to see a 'level playing field' in operation!
  8. goggles

    Robert Jennings

    Agree with Aitken at 13 red, I think he would go very well there.
  9. goggles

    Jdb case

    Possm, I don't know if she was flirting, I don't know if they went back to her unit and I don't know if a rape occurred, but this statement is wrong and needs to be called out! Apportioning any amount of blame to the victim of an alleged sexual assault... because she was (so you say) 'flirting'...
  10. goggles

    2019 team line up

    The most important thing, for our once great club, seems to be that old boys keep their jobs... everything else is secondary.
  11. goggles

    Kurt Mann-staying or going ?

    It has been a while Crush... I'm good, I hope you are as well? I rate Brown and quietly hoped he would come back here a few years ago, but alas, he ended up at the knights. I think hooker could be a really good position for Mann and wish him all the best. Milne has ended up over at the Warriors...
  12. goggles

    Kurt Mann-staying or going ?

    Crush, you've had Mary firmly entrenched in that role for the last few years! How many nominations do you want to put froward?
  13. goggles

    Jason Demetriou

    We'll have to agree to disagree Giboz. Everyone's a rookie at some stage of their life - whether you're a chef, politician, policeman or footballer. If experience is the sole criteria for appointment in life, a certain number of organisations would be stuck with failed managers leading them...
  14. goggles

    Jason Demetriou

    Why not? When Mary was appointed he'd had no experience coaching int the NRL or Super League... and his results were far, far inferior to what JD's have been. Since Mary's been in charge he has been bloody awful and he should never have been given an extension! For what it's worth, I'd happily...
  15. goggles

    2019 team line up

    Samy, i think they both will

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