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2018 Crowd Watch

Desert Qlder

First Grade
Yep. Let's merge or relocate a team with the biggest junior base in the world and a club who are constantly improving in all areas.

That will solve the NRLs crowd issues

It wouldn't hurt either.

There would be no statistical difference if it was Perth/Adelaide/Port Moresby/Gosford/Wellington/Brisbane 2 or Penrith/Cronulla.

Cruel notion or not.


Is it the scheduling? If this was a Sunday arvo week 2 game like we used to have, it’d get more than 19k.

When the NRL advertises 7:40 KO all week and it’s after 8pm, it turns families away. Kids are stuffed after a week at school and then dragging them through public transport. It’s only 20 minutes but it makes a difference

How much would it get though? 22k? It's not like it would suddenly get 40k


First Grade
If either of these coubs was merged, relocated, relegated etc. there would be no backlash.

No marching in the streets, nothing to really push the cause. It would all be forgotten within six months and they would comfortably join the Newtowns et al as relics of the games past.

People just wouldn't care enough.
These 2 teams should have never been put into the 1967 NSWRL in the first place.


First Grade
Two of the games smallest clubs playing nowhere near their home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on a Friday night. I expected about 17k.

Sydney is not Melbourne, it’s a bitch to get anywhere, and the majority of the games fans live in the West. Hopefully we get the big Sydney clubs seeing some success soon, and failing that we play these fixtures at the new Western Sydney Stadium.

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