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The Game 2021 Judiciary Charges

How many weeks for Mitchell

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Just goes to show there are different rules for different teams same hit charged in one game, same hit in another game nothing to see here.

Well charges haven't been released yet.

There is also the possibility that they weren't the same. Crighton did complete the action by wrapping his arms. The result is the same I agree but that is the current rule.


Sorry, I thought you were referring to the dragons player getting penalised.


Well charges haven't been released yet.

There is also the possibility that they weren't the same. Crighton did complete the action by wrapping his arms. The result is the same I agree but that is the current rule.


Sorry, I thought you were referring to the dragons player getting penalised.
I know, well the NRL needs to draw a line in the sand and just fully ban it.


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I feel a bit awkward posting this because it was my team that was on the end of it. I don't want to use it as an excuse for the loss because we would have lost to Melbourne last night with or without Cecchin and Chiddy's shit.

But how bad was their decision to sin bin Curran off for an accidental head clash?

I'd imagine there'll be some sort of hollow apology and brief acknowledgement that they got it wrong again with no real action taken to look at how, with all of the professionalism and technology and staffing, they got it so terribly wrong and do so continually. Everybody watching that live didn't see anything in it and having the benefit of replays only confirmed it further.

The refereeing of Matt Cecchin last night was atrocious over 80 minutes and he shouldn't be involved with a game next week. I actually think he should join Perenara in retirement. Chris Sutton was running the touchline last night and he is a much better referee than Cecchin.

And Chiddy can piss right off for good.

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Round 7 charges

Charges out of Sunday's games -

Pereira has been charged with a grade-three careless high tackle for his controversial 34th-minute high shot on Roosters skipper James Tedesco and will be banned for three games with an early guilty plea or could miss five if he challenges the judiciary.

Ravalawa was handed a grade-two shoulder charge offence for a 13th-minute hit on Josh Morris and is looking at 2-3 games out.

Dragons lock Tyrell Fuimaono is facing a fine between $1350-$1800 for his careless high tackle on Tedesco in the second minute of the SCG fixture.

Curran, who like Pereira was sin-binned for his incident, is facing a 1-2 game scenario for his grade-two careless high tackle on Storm winger George Jennings in the 12th minute of the Warriors' loss in Melbourne.

Source: https://www.nrl.com/news/2021/04/23/round-7-charges/

Edited: Updated correction since NRL published correction to Curran charge.
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Absolutely insane that the bloke who stiff armed a guy out of the game is facing nothing but a fine, while the warriors player is going to miss 3-5 weeks for a head clash and the dragons winger is going to be sat down for 2 weeks for his shoulder charge.

The MRC have completely lost their minds, but the rule book as well is just pathetic


It seems like in an effort to fix the missed hit. They have over corrected and try to take accidents from the game

As for the Checcin comments. There are a few younger refs I think do a better a job then the more experienced guys
To me, this was another in the long line of cases of referees (bunker or on field) making decisions not based on what actually happened in the flow of the game, but because it “must be” an infringement...

Knock ons are are specialty here. How many balls spill out the back of a tackle, or as per Jack Birds “try” yesterday from gaining possession of Hutchison...

Just because a ball is simultaneously touching two opposing players - it absolutely does not mean either has knocked it on. Or even when a player loses possession in a tackle and it dribbles behind him.. 3 out of every 4 times the ref blows a whistle ... on pure speculation...

Curran’s hit was a great shot IMO. Like the Cronulla player on the bulldog (can’t remember names). Yet, as the league is under the microscope of the “head knock issues”... these are penalised - not because of proven contact with the head - but coz they “must be” hitting the head as a result of the ball carrier hitting the deck n lying down afterward...

I thought they must have ruled that Curran’s Shoulder got Jennings on the chin despite what the commentators said. It’s the only way that could have been a penalty, sin bin etc. But I don’t think that happened.... it was just speculation from the bunker as a result of a player lying down on the ground after a tackle....

The Shark with long hair

All hit their opponents facing them front on with their shoulder. 2 were sin binned, 3 placed on report, while one was applauded in commentary and put on the fox highlights reel as a “great hit”... how???

Some will say attempting to “wrapping arms” etc but I couldn’t agree less. Like saying I had my foot on the brake as I ran a red light as a defence. The shoulder hits the opponent... the opponent gets knocked down... I don’t think any of these warranted a penalty.... none hit the head. Jack bird got hit similarly yesterday by a similar shoulder but nothing happened... as there were two in the tackle it presumably got overlooked...

I feel for you Warriors fans on that ruling. As a dragons fan weve copped at least 3 x try “reversals” from the bunker which IMO were pure speculation from Chiddy n Co - not definitive proof to overturn the referees ruling.

I don’t blame the on-field refs for making calls but I hate this bunker system this season. I didn’t mind it last year but it’s sincerely turned me off enjoying watching league.

I’d far more prefer going back to two referees with 2 distinct/separate areas of play to rule on. And a bunker that does NOT interject the run of play or a referees ruling, only if asked by a man with the whistle.

Curran didn’t deserve any penalty, the Warriors didn’t deserve to be a man down, and Curran does not deserve any suspension of any kind. That happened because of bunker interjection and speculation after a guy was lying down. It’s crap.

This years rule changes are the one area that I’d give V’Landys n co in the ARLC a huge “FAIL” under his tenure.
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I cannot believe they have charged Josh Curran. Grade 2 careless?!?! And they only gave Pereira a Grade 3 careless (same base points penalty as Latrell's charge).

WTF is going on, this is padded-room level insanity.