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2023 Grand Final predictions

Old Timer

Penrith are a well oiled machine that can keep repeating clinical football set after set.

They are like the Roman Legions as they continually press forward and dominate that which is in front of them.

However they do lack pure speed and improvisation which the Broncos have in abundance.

If Mam and / or Walsh are given any latitude and find some room I think the Broncos will win and in fact win well.

Fingers crossed no refereeing clangers.


First Grade
I still can’t believe that Jerome Luai‘s shoulder is good to stand up to a grand final intensity. Once a shoulder dislocates it can never return to pre dislocation tightness.

I would still go Panthers but if Luai shoulder goes it spells disaster.
I thought that he damaged it once again in a tackle he made as he grimaced and held it , however he finished the game , although he did have a rest on the bench in the 2nd half .

Slippery Morris

First Grade
I think the Panthers will win quite comfortably and the Bronco's will learn a lot from this and will beat the Panthers next season. Both the 2 best teams of 2023 and deserve to be in the GF. Both teams pretty young so will dominate the NRL for years to come.

I still cannot believe Panthers could not beat St Helens earlier in the year to be the world club champions because they clearly or should I say Cleary the the best team in the world and have been for some time.

Ivan Cleary also deserves the Coach of the year no matter what. Webster and Walters had phenomenal seasons but the NRL screwed up by giving it to Bellamy and Paten the 2 years before and for Cleary not to get it in these 3 years is pure rubbish. If he wins the GF he has achieved something Bellamy or Bennett have done in winning 3 on the trot.

Score Prediction - Panthers 26 - Broncos 10
Clive Churchill - Nathan Cleary (his last 2 games have been outstanding)

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