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2024 NRL Pre-Season Challenge - Week 2 & WCC

Vic Mackey

Sullivan needs a solid year in NSW cup to improve his game. He's all potential but still not a first grader IMO.

Nah, he just sucks. A couple of my dragon fans mates kept telling me he was good, I never saw it when he was with them, don’t expect to see it with us.

This Year?

Screw Vegas, Fiji is where it's at. I'm still giggling like an idiot over Dan Saifiti hiding on the bench to prevent getting sin binned. Would love to see more footy in Fiji and can't wait to see it happen.

I haven't seen the Warriors v Dolphins or Broncos v Sea Eagles yet.

Dragons v Tigers: I'm starting to warm to Lomax on the wing and thought Kyle defended well. Sua and Suli were in beast mode. Was nice to see offloads, change of angles and quick rucks. Tigers got ambushed and didn't look up for it.
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