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3-2-1 v Roosters


This is silly, but I’ll bite. What part of the phrase ‘dishonourable mention’ is self-explanatorily limited to ‘players not trying’?

Montoya tries every week. Can’t really fault his effort. Should he never get a DM despite being consistently poor?
Personally I’m not really on the Montoya hate bandwagon for that reason. He plays to his potential and he’s not keeping anyone better out of the side.
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3 AFB is the only apex elite player in the team
2 Walker stopped the bloodbath when he came on
1 Charnze never stops trying and is crucially durable
Yeah, this'll do me as well.

DM - Webby for picking a guy who hadn't played in a month and was clearly underdone. And then again for putting him in the starting lineup. I want to rant about other things too, but I won't...

EDIT: Actually, I'll give one other DM - Kosi - given another opportunity (undeserved, imo, but still, an opportunity is an opportunity) and showed absolutely no hustle or desire
03 - AFB (Will be bitter sweet once this fella gets a premiership with the Sharks, Thanks for being professional)
02 - Ford (He played very good in a shit team. Drive forward was there all 80 minutes.
01 - Barnett (Love his motor and attitude out in the front. Prefer him to be in the middle though as he doesnt create)

HM: Tevaga (His efforts and controlled aggression didn't go un-noticed)

DM: Coach Webster (Benching Wayde, Bench in general, SJ heavy gameplan yuck!)
DM: Kosi / Pompey (Just not up to standards vs Roosters elite squad)
Hasn’t he been playing second row in NSW cup?
Yes. I haven't seen any NSW Cup games in their full only highlights. If anyone has got some feedback on his play there would be awesome to know. He's too slow for a centre but could be a handy second rower. Capewell has been disappointing so far so I wouldn't mind we give it a crack.


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Warrior of the week is Addin Fonua Blake

AFB 21
CNK 20
Ford 8

Walker 5
Barnett 4
Johnson 2

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