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Special K

I'm shocked. He is exactly what we need and its a f**ken tease having to wait 12 months.

I thought this was no chance early on but the louder the Dragons were made me think it was on the last few days. The club was once again tight as could be on this deal while flanno was desperately trying to make him feel the love/gain attention for their fans. The line we kept using of "deciding if we will make an offer" was laughable especially when you read Mooney is looking at the 2026 roster already. But Dogs, Tigers and Dragons need to sell the vision to their fans so were very public. What a huge get.

I'm shocked. Well done everyone involved. We just landed one of the top props in the game in an area we desperately needed it.


First Grade
Now just work on getting moved forward a year.

Ridiculous system though a player can have a full season with a club when he has already signed elsewhere.
What a great signing I won't say anything thanks to the member in here who have me a tip that we would land hin
They have also now missed out on Dearden what a day for the drags
And the lad from st helens, Welsby.

Even though he's the bloke who delivered us a premiership I just can't cop Flanno at all, I really hope the game has completely passed him by and signings of the calibre of moylan, dugan and woods are where st george's money gets pissed up the wall in the next few years.