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Fitzy's league Sledge


Post Whore
Did he ever comment on that alleged sexual assault/rape charge against Kurtley Beale?

I'm assuming the lack of replies means a no.
So, this prick is happy to drag RL players down every chance he gets when this sort of thing happens in RL, but when it happens in RU, there's nothing to see here. Sweep sweep.
The AFL should sign him up as an ambassador. They'd work well together.

Willie Ray

Yep,typical from this woke,whiny hypocrite,
nothing about Beale or Fitswilkinson's old school either,
imagine his outrage if this happened at a Rugby League school;
It must sting him like a bluebottle that even on it's worst
days Rugby League is still 100 times more relevant than fugby.


I've been trolling him every Saturday for months now. I'll make a comment in the comments section and see if it gets any air time as I know he quite often moderates his own column's comments and so far I've only seen a couple slip through the net.

Last week I pointed out that his weekly column only garnered 5 entries from readers in the comments section. I said "that's about as many people that used to watch Super Rugby on free to air TV" LOL


As he's so concerned about expenditure on new stadiums that happen to involve the NRL, I wait with baited breath his comments about a couple of billion Oxford Scholars being spent on the Gabba for the Olympics.Because once the Olympics are over, that ground will get only the Brisbane Loins playing .
Will he come out with the needy hospitals and classrooms jazz, as he does in Sydney.
Why is it we are gifted with such a whiny twat ,whose sole purpose in life is to look for any opportunity to bag rugby league, because the rest of his life appears to be devoid of any form of real excitement and entertainment.
He was an afl ambassador. Not sure if he still is. They probably met him and thought better of it.
I didn't know that, but I'm not surprised, and that would explain a lot
So he would get rewarded in certain ways like tickets for fumbleball games and probably in the corporate boxes and benefits that would bring

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