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Fitzy's league Sledge


He's still alive? Wow, it's so good only having a tv for the footy and footy only, you don't end up being a self hating woke freak.


I did like the massive amounts TV are spending on the Wallabies and Super Rugby? Where is he getting this from?
It’s just BS. Game is so on the nose the rah rahs are rejoicing about the fact somebody remembers they exist.


Smug and delusional as always. They might leave but they’ll be replaced in League and then when they get bored and Australia fail miserably at the next World Cup they’ll come back.

My favourite part is how these Union flogs claim that anyone who has ever played a game of Rugby Union as a kid is ‘Union Junior’ that was poached by League. A lot of them play both sports and stick with League because Union is so boring.

As for the bandana I assume he’s currently in his local emergency room being treated for an overdose of his own farts after writing that drivel.
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The guy always speaks and writes with forked tongue.
This was the same red bandana wearing clown who wrote words to the effect' When Rugby has a Super side in Melbourne, the impact on the Melbourne Strom will be such, that they will have to relocate perhaps to places like the Central Coast".
Anyone with half a brain or half a bandana would note ,the Storm are embedded inMelbourne have a record membership and a record number of teams in the junior league.
The Rebels crowds look to be around the 5K mark and for code that has been played in Vitoria well before Rugby League they are falling behind, in terms of impact on the Melbourne sporting scene.

He's crapping on about Rugby Union Tv deals against the NRL.I'll put in nicely he has NFI, The NRL deal leaves the Union ones in its wake.He thinks the NRL are quaking n their boots.

He hates the NRL with a passion ,yet has the audacity to say he likes rugby league with SOO blah blah blah.i've brought up Vichy and France (rugby league)to him via emails in the past ,and he shies away from the subject matter .
I have to say it takes a hell of a lot for me ro dislike anyone(that's the way I was brought up), but with this gimp I make the one exception.Thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys.
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