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Game day thread Titans vs Warriors


First Grade
Just remind yourselves again. The Warriors beat us 18-16. FMD - We are pure 2021 shit.
Plus side:
1. No more Woods
2. No more Chad
3. No more Dugan
4. No more Johnson
5. No more shit defence up the middle
6. No more Hannay press conferences
7. No more Chad

I wonder if Josh still thinks it was a good idea not to take the 2.. if only.. ok, ok I’ll get over it


See, that’s been the thing, for every year, bar 2016. If the Sharks need to win, they shit the bed. If they need to hold a team to only 20-points, that team scores 38. If they need results to go their way, they don’t. If they have a player celebrating 100/200/300 games, they lose. If they get an easy draw, they ferk it right up.
Soft attitude. Meek resistance. Expect to lose & get shocked when they win. Mediocrity celebrated. Unwanted (by other club) players signed on for 3 & 4-year, big dollar deals. It’s like a Hoarders episode. So much toxic crap to throw out. It’s gunna be a loooooong, looooooong process. It’ll be better in 2022 but not great.


Ring the Bell ..... Ring the bell


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