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GAME DAY vs Dolph Fins

sladden road

Wasn't home to watch last night so didn't participate in the thread. I did watch it though, with a whole heap of Titans players who were in the same hotel as I was in.

Anyway, I had a PM from a long time forummer. This was my reply

It wasn't very inspiring. I was away last night, saw the game, but didn't bother with the game day thread. Watched it at the Pullman at Olympic Park with the Titans boys.

The Sharks guys, when interviewed, bang on about clear and simple roles. The first 20 minutes they played like strangers without purpose. Forwards getting each others way, backs staggered in defence, no one connecting at all, no one taking the lead. Errors, penalties, back to not covering these blemishes up. They didn't even look fit to me . Dead set flacid performance.

I'm quite concerned about Nicho's head miles. He needs a new mindset coach, if he has to have one at all. I REALLY hope, for the Sharks sake he gets picked in origin by some miracle otherwise all the toys will be outta the cot I reckon and we'll be cooked.

I could blow the forum up with this. The Sharks can't win big games with Nicho in the team it seems. Haven't won a semi with him. Beat Storm and Broncs without him. Snuck home against Roosters and mentally raped by the Dolphins last night not to mention we couldn't even beat them last year.

That's one win that matters in 2 and a half years with Nicho at the helm. HIs anguish seems contagious. They were back doing panicky shit again. Ronnie, 3 bad PTBs in 2 weeks for example. Iro with 2 panicked offloads last night. 2 avoidable penalties to give the Dolphins 2 shots at goal at the end.

1st time this year I have been pissed off wit


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