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GAME DAY vs. Roosters (FINALS)

Key plays cost the game. Tricky snatches at a simple conversion. Blayke drops it over the line when they were gone. Jesse gives away 6 again on the 4th, they score. Toby drops it, field goal. Terrible set up for 2 field goals with both charged down.

No killer instinct in this club. That game served up on a platter and they shit the bed. Played scared again. Not learning.
The same shit that's been happening for the last 5 or so years. The whole thing from the top down is useless.


They needed to win that game to prove to themselves they can get it done. Now the choking narrative is stuck. The mental scars will be hard to overcome.

No significant signings to come. Not much coming through. Mid table mediocrity most likely next season. Shit.


I love how 13 points is considered a bad defensive effort by this panel on fox. Haha.

Simply couldn’t convert enough chances.