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Gameday - Rd 9, Warriors v Roosters

Missed a minor knock on in Raiders Dragons game in Golden point and made GA ref critic for week. Nothing about anything in Warriors game. No charge for the non shoulder charge. Would love to say its the accepted standard now, until a Warriors player does one.


What a miserable game in every way. Got soaked in the stands only to see us win almost every stat yet blow about 20 scoring chances. Most bored quiet crowd I have ever been a part of.

Is there a stat for blown attacking opportunities? Because I think we’ve mastered that one.

Five day turnaround and missing some players but that’s not really and excuse for being camped in the Roosters half for huge portions of the game and failing to score even once.

Was out there too, but wasn't that boring on the Eastern side - the crowd were absolutely sticking it to the refs and there was a bubbling tension most of the way.

The game really dulled down when Tupounuia got away with that cheap shot and scored straight after, there was no coming back from 14-0 down. Did like that the fans didn't pour of the ground and stuck it through!