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Gameday - Rd 9, Warriors v Roosters

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What to do? Maybe an offload or flickpass, even in this weather? We need something to break the line. What we've been doing for an hour aint working.
At this point it is still a win for the Warriors, dry weather probably looking at 30 or 40 points coming off the differential

game plan of 1 out waiting for the Roosters to miss a 1 on 1 isn’t a terrible one, but need to hold them under 12 points


Fonua-Blake, Curran, were both very good today. They ran themselves ragged in attack and defence.

Another lesson for us is that just because Egan's playing it doesn't mean we'll go good.


Jackson Ford had a great game but can someone please explain to him how to be square at marker. Only gave 1 penalty for not being square today


14-0, Roosters. Final.

Their defence was far too good. Going there, in atrocious conditions, they did a job on us.


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Cheating rooster merkins. Warriors player’s foot touches ball in play the ball…penalty roosters. Roosters player kicks the ball away in play the ball. Knock on warriors..:warriors challenge…still knock on warriors….get the f**k out of here.


What a miserable game in every way. Got soaked in the stands only to see us win almost every stat yet blow about 20 scoring chances. Most bored quiet crowd I have ever been a part of.

Is there a stat for blown attacking opportunities? Because I think we’ve mastered that one.

Five day turnaround and missing some players but that’s not really and excuse for being camped in the Roosters half for huge portions of the game and failing to score even once.
Wet weather football.

Montoya bad play the ball first set.

6again for Roosters as to long in tackle.

Keary grubber on 2nd taken dead.

Dropout didn't make the 10m as was touched by Montoya in the air at 9.99m

Penalty in front.

0-2 4mins

Ball out before ref called held, taken back as he couldn't see thru the players, Roosters to long in tackle and we get a penalty.

Keary kicks a 40/20, bounces not focused on where it landed.

Smith ends up knocking on an offload, that Ford knocked back.

Swahilli loses ball in a Bunty tackle on our 35m

Butcher then flops on Montoya 1st tackle.

Start on their 45m

Nikorima stays down, no hip drop.

SJ grubber forces a dropout.

Grubber played at by Roosters, Pompey couldn't regather and knocks it on.

Amazing DWZ stayed in field of play in thr wet there.

20/40 bounces the wrong way, DWZ nails Teddy, Walker called not square as no dummy half, BS call to cover Roosters mistake.

Teddy now allowed to lose ball into grass??? WTF. Fix is in early.

Crusher on Walker 10m out from our line.

Start on our 35m

6 again Roosters inside the 10m

Kick through, today we get bunker to look at it close up, Roosters knock back and this week they see a finger bending by Warriors. Roosters 7 tackle set.

Roosters lose the ball on our 40m, Egan then knocks on but no advantage.

Radley flop cause 6 again.

Nikora puts down short SJ pass.

Butcher puts ball down inside their 10m.

Roosters knock on, but should have been accidental offside penalty. Scrum vs penalty 10m out.

Egan grubber to big for Ford. Captains challenge for Rooster touch on way thru.

Manu plays at it and gets his shin, so changed to drop out.

SJ pass falconer and kicked all the way back to our 30m and Curran chasing gets it.

SJ grubber from 20m out goes dead.

Roosters winger nailed by Montoya taken out.

Pompey called not square at marker, Roosters on our 40m.

Butcher scores, crash and bashes over.

0-8 35 mins


Playing with the wind this half.

Roosters knock on SJ bomb on their 20m.

Valia stripped on 20m, Manu hand in ball as dragging him.

Ford held up over line.

SJ grubber forces dropout.

Curran knock on ball into his own foot.

Inside the 20m very clunky today.

Angus wrestled to play the ball and stuffs it up, 50/50 goes our way.

Roosters apparently knock ball backwards again when cleary forward.

Butcher knocks on their 40m.

6 again, next tackle Ford loses ball hitting the line, Manu tackles ball causes ball to pop out, scrum 10m.

Siro interfered with on last tackle and earns a penalty on last.

Egan taps and runs, hit height, easily seen in review and let go 40 out.

Rooster moves off mark and Ford called not square and penalised.

Roosters on their 35m.

Valia loses ball in tackle, Smith dislodges.

Pompey loses the ball fighting in a tackle 20m out.

Clear shoulder charge on Montoya replayed. No longer reportable? Bunker won't interfere for us only if it's against us?

Clearly not high but a shoulder charge.

Next min Smith grubbers thru Tupouniua scores, went should/could be in the bin.

DWZ not at home.

2nd Pompey error/mistake that lead to points.

0-14 60mins

Roosters flop called 20m out.

Starting on 35m.

Montoya gets a crusher, but nothing happening. WTF is going on? Free hits on us?

Rooster drop bomb, goes backward of course.

Manu stuffs play ball and challenged. Manu place ball behind foot, challenge unsuccessful.

Bunty knocks on inside out 30m.

Nikoria get a break away off Roosters grubber but stopped at halfway.

DWZ taken 1m out off Walker chip.

Great defense by Roosters all day.

Teddy takes ball dead off DWZ grubber.

Lost in play the ball, challenge unsuccessful, can't plant ball to get up on.

And how is a shoulder charge not even a penalty? In most other games that’s 10 in the bin. Hurt even more that it led to a Roosters try, and the offending player was the try scorer.
Exactly, replayed enough for bunker to step in like Nikora v Sharks hip drop. But not for us.
I think it wins the poor/incompetence call after Teddy knock on and another let go 2nd half followed by Walker not square because they had no dummy half. Oh and I almost forgot the knock on Roosters vs accidental offside when. 0-2

Edit: just saw Tigers lose a player for 10mins on Kayo mini for a shoulder charge vs Panther. So just standard bias against us.
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Jackson Ford had a great game but can someone please explain to him how to be square at marker. Only gave 1 penalty for not being square today
Might be bias, but he doesn't look square because Roosters play takes it off the mark and Ford stays still.
What to do? Maybe an offload or flickpass, even in this weather? We need something to break the line. What we've been doing for an hour aint working.
Roosters defence was just to good today and our main options grubber and turning man back inside. Not sure what happened to bombs to corners and big man steam rolling through.
Missed Harris ball playing and CNK threat out back.
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Classic work from Egan, laying down looking for a penalty then remembered his concussion past isn’t great so quickly come up with a leg injury lol
Then classic bunker to ignore a penalty for Warriors. Clear head contact, yes slipping but now days it's a penalty when swinging forearms hit heads.


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If the game was up here it wouldn't have been played.
The dogs football was blowing around on it's own. (Full size, leather).


It wasn't mild in Auckland. 100km/h gusts. My house felt like it was about to blow over for the past 36 hours. Just about as bad as I can ever remember for a Warriors game.