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Gameday -rd14 Warriors v Dolphins

That was being sin binned 2 weeks ago
Exactly. They coming out defending the calls left right and centre that the tackle needed to be out of the game and now *like magicpoof* its ok again. Not even a penalty.
I dont necessarily want to see a sin bin for it, unless it 3rd man in swinging away. But come the f**k on!
Vodafone One twitter going off yet?


First Grade
It's the most inconsistently reffed part of the game. We're 14 rounds in and I still never know which way a decision will go.
Exactly. It happens way too often in the game. They say 'dont tackle high' but now when you go low, youre often in a hip drop position.

Its too hard to ref and if they do go forward with hip drops, there'll be more penalties in the game than ever before.

I reckon theyve realised the crap theyve gotten themselves into and are now going to ditch the hip drop

Beavers Headgear

First Grade
Should have been a penalty on what we have seen on occasions this year. I think the difference with that one, was that he was pretty much already down on the ground as DWZ kept pumping the legs, rather than coming down from up high to stop momentum

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