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Discussion in 'Sydney Roosters' started by Ozzy, Jun 8, 2012.

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    We already have the man we build the club around over the next 8 years IMO, James tedesco.

    Verrils radley Manu SST Crighton and Keary will be around a long while yet. Cords JWH liu and Tupou probably have 3 years left each.

    Bmoz jake and aubo will likely all be gone by 2021

    So we will have lost cronk Bmoz jake aubo and Latrell at minimum IMO by the start of 2021 with Flanagan the only replacement of note.

    I think we will do both of your options, a marquee signing in the forwards and also doing what we do best, identifying young talent and bring them through.

    We will then do the same again in 2023/4 after the likes of JWH Tupou etc. are gone.

    The meltdown on LU will be epic.
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    It is quite a circus, and has provided some entertainment this week. I do hope, though, that it gets resolved sooner rather than later, as I am concerned about Latrell's mental well being. I am not convinced that he has the best people around him to be honest (I am not talking about his family, but a certain ex player who also boxed here and there). I still think that, on balance, he is likely to head to Souths. They have acted in a strange way this week.

    On another matter, I am confused as to what is happening with Zane. He is not in our 2020 squad, but the club has remained very quiet around his situation. I am not sure what to make of it. I presumed that he is going to the Bulldogs, but this seems uncertain now. Perhaps they are waiting for the test matches to finish.

    In terms of other players, perhaps we could consider Josh Morris in the centres for a year or two? He could play with his brother and that would buy us more time to either fully develop Billy Smith or look for another, higher profile player (there are not a lot of options out there at the moment to be honest). Jack Wighton is a chance, I suppose, but I do worry about the off field side of things.

    Do we think SST leads the pack in terms of candidates for the Golden Boot award this year? Apparently, the criteria has changed to only focus on international test matches. That is a real shame as Teddy should have won it last year. Anyway, Rooster views are welcome!

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