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Hunt pleading for time

Pro Dragons

I just can’t believe it, the poor bloke finally gets a coach that brings the best out of him and he breaks a leg. He deserves much better. Any estimates how long he will be out for?


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Hunt out for 4 to 6 weeks with a broken fibula.

Played most of the game with a broken leg.

Anyone doubting his toughness needs to check themselves...
He starting limping in the first half. About 50 minutes with a broken leg.

How bad was that tackle against him mid-air with 25 mins to go? Manly targetting him.


First Grade
Huge month ahead.

Just when he was getting his mojo back.


He starting limping in the first half. At 50 minites with broken leg.

How bad was tackle against him mid-air with 25 mins to go? Manly targetting him.

Terrible timing for Hunt personally as he was really getting into groove.

May not be the worst for the team though as they, as a unit are building well.

The second half last night was telling imo, Norman got more involved and with Clune to help him steer them around, hopefully we can keep the momentum going...


6-8wks I’d say. Very brave that he played on for so long
3 weeks.
He’ll be back for Anzac Day comfortably.

Confirmed when I spoke to my neighbour who used to date a Doctor that divorced a Physio that had a Crush on an Old Timer NRL Referee that works in the bunker now.

Btw, Physio’s new girlfriend who’s a Judge reckons JDB will be back playing reggies by then too.
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