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New recruits for 2023



Getting our hopes up when this was mentioned a couple of weeks or so ago is now looking a dead duck at Manly beach. I guess it was too good to be true.

Why would Manly even contemplate losing a promising front rower who still is contracted to the club for 2 more years and they say Fifita wants to stay.

New recruits, rumours call it what you want that's all it's been. We want but we don't get anything that is something.
This is reminding me of the Suli saga- took us forever to land him because Moses initially didn't want to leave Des and his Polynesian bros-but then realised that Des was never going to give him the recognition he wanted- here we have an agent (Tartak) with dollar signs in his eyes, trying to engineer the move apparently against the wishes of at least one of the two (Fifita). Agents tend to get what they want- eventually-particularly when they have other top shelf clients at the same club-as Tartak does. The club needs them onside. Watch this space.


Reported in Tele today we're getting the 2 young forwards from Manly and they're getting g AARON WOODS in exchange immediately!
How good is that!
I’m off to Sydney this morning then off to Hawaii & have a smile on my dial. This news has broadened that smile by about 4m. Best news I’ve heard for a while.
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Stoooopid Eagles


If Ryan Webb has orchestrated this trade, then the man is seriously too brilliant to be wasting away in the game of rugby league. Put him in charge of negotiating a Russian withdrawal from Ukraine.. or a peace deal between Palestine and Israel. Amazing stuff. What a win
Surely this cant be true, that would put Manly in the total idiotic sector of Boards, even above the Dragons Board. I thought we just had xmas.