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Next game vs the Wabbits

dungay dragon

Good win against an understrength rabbits. Doesnt mean we have to sign Carr as headcoach, the players know they had to pull their fingers out. Carr can stay on as assistant under flanno and ben hornby in attack.. Things are looking up fellas
well done boys ..4 point win with bye next week ..
didnt deserve to lose that one , but gave it a nudge
spec mention to Molo Bros who played their best games of season
with JDB in side they wouldnt have got near us


Great 76 minutes. The last 4 minutes stuffed our for and against. Otherwise, well done Carr and the boys. Playing better and more entertaining then all year. Hunt and Sullivan is our best halves combo, Liddle has been great at 9 and Sloan has rocks and Diamonds moments. At the end of the game, I’m very happy have a win and will enjoy my weekend now


It is team conditioning. Something that should have been addressed at pre season. It seems our team is conditioned to play around 70 minutes and then runs out of gas. We saw it at the start of the year against Broncos. Luckily Lomax finally booted goals and was the difference. With all the close losses we had, I will take this close win.

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