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Next game vs the Wabbits


First Grade
Why take Su'a and Liddle off in the last 8 minutes, totally unnecessary. The dodgy bunker call didn't help and there's no need for short drop outs unless you're chasing points and really need the ball, kick it long and make the opposition work for metres, don't give them a possible leg up.
Great for 75 minutes then stupidity all round, very disappointed especially given our for and against - it was 36-14 ffs. grrrrr.
To be honest f & A wont matter. We just gotta win more games than one of therfollowing the Tigers, Dogs, Newcastle, Titans & Dolphins who are all contenders for the bottom 4 with us


Great to be out at Kogarah today. One of the best atmospheres at a home game in quite some while.

Happy to get the win, but in the end it was like leaving the Yum Cha lunch not completely satisfied (the cart with the mango pancakes and cream buns didn't come around).

This is why we need Flanno. If he was in charge now, I'm sure all plans the players have for the bye week off will be CANCELLED, regardless of the win. We need some standards urgently injected into this joint !!


We got the win .
But as usual the Dragons way it turns out to be to close for comfort.
A good win was spoilt by the last few minutes of disappointment.
During the game the only two players we had to worry about were Graham and Cook.
Them Cook makes that break
Would of liked to temporarily get if the bottom of the ladder but are still there.
J.Hunt had 1 run for 5 metres when he was taken off after 15 min.
Faegai dropped 2 dropouts.
Souths should of never got that close.
Ran into Ryan Webb after the game asked him about coaching, his,reply as he said on radio Hopefully this,week.

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