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Next game vs the Wabbits


We have the bye next week. Hopefully they get flogged all week. Need to learn how to catch ball from kicks without letting it bounce and to get the ball off a short restart.

Teams already know the will get it back 100% of the time going short against us.

Teams going short kick off after we score with 10mins to go is how confident they are. We also let them score 90% of time.

Also make Sloan put his body on the line or pick someone who will. He's never made a 1 on 1 tackle.
Some how manages to get out paced by every single player.


Why take Su'a and Liddle off in the last 8 minutes, totally unnecessary. The dodgy bunker call didn't help and there's no need for short drop outs unless you're chasing points and really need the ball, kick it long and make the opposition work for metres, don't give them a possible leg up.
Great for 75 minutes then stupidity all round, very disappointed especially given our for and against - it was 36-14 ffs. grrrrr.


You bloody ripper!!!
Since Hook has left we’ve beaten Rooster and Rabbits and pushed Penrith.
Can those who said changing the coach won’t make a difference put their hand up? You know who you are!
Hard to imagine only 5 weeks ago we were still playing 5 hit ups and kick with Mbye in the spine ever week.
Well done Ryan Carr and dragons, keep pushing.

Slippery Morris

First Grade
At the start of the season if I told you Saints will play Rabbits, Roosters and Penrith and win 2 and lose 1 controversially by 8 you would not believe it. But losing to Tigers, Dogs, Titans and then get flogged by Dolphins they made brought us down to reality. If only Hook was gone early and Saints won those winnable games Saints would be sniffing around the 8 if not in the 8.

Great 75 minutes. They are a very immature side I feel clocking off like that. From making it a great win they nearly made it an embarrassment letting a 2nd string Souths team come back 22 points down with 5 to go.

Shout out to Michael Molo. I thought he was great today apart from the usual suspects in Hunt, Liddle and Su'a. Bud did well and Sloan looked good sniffing around all game. It's slowly but surely coming together. The spine is a lock now with Sloan, Bud, Hunt and Liddle. Amone is just the backup half seeing he is the 3rd best half Saints have and always was the 3rd best only for Sullivan to get injuries and allowing Amone to getting the extra games.


I actually feel sorry for Carr.

He has shown more insight than the dinosaur we had in a few weeks, but due to some real dumb players, his results don't look great.

Early on in this game, we looked sharp and had Souths rattled out wide. Hunt was killing it, Bud doing well, and Mr reliability Liddle was in control. We actually looked like a unit. Sua was damaging, as was Suli.

Our results would be much better if Carr was in charge from the get go.

Inisai Toga

Love that we had the first decent game at K Jubilee against an old rival on a sunny afternoon in ages and not some bullshit Friday night 6:00 game and we sell it out!!. We shouldn't give this ground and advantage up imo. Get more afternoon games here; get rid of opposition’s song and turn off their hot water in the sheds. Back to the future!
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