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Next Year

Why are you banned in Queensland Feej? I could supply you with a suitable character reference if you were so kind as to cross my palm with the appropriate amount of shekels
Well of course hes banned in Queensland! And so he should be! He took his tin foil hat manufacturing company , all those jobs and all that bauxite , to China !


Biggest problem was 12 months ago we where all screaming out for another decent middle enforcer, no Moylan and time for Talakai to move from Center yet nothing happened except us re signing all those f**ken plodders in the middle.
f**k where do you start.

I know one thing, go after Liam Martin.

Basement contract at the panthers.

Start telling some players they can look elsewhere and get him over here.

Start targeting some actual quality signings.

Recruitment under fitz has been way off the mark.


I agree with most of what was said here.
We absolutely need an explosive front rower to lead by example, a Haas, Nelson, RCG type.

We need to review both our centres, talakai absolutely shouldn't play there next year and Ramen need to get the silly defensive choices and the penis fingers out of his game. It's a bad sign when he looked like one of our better players last night while still doing stupid shit.

I'm unsure with the wingers, they are great finishers when we are playing fast and flat but as mentioned, no speed. Definitely need sprint training.

I think Trindall and Nicho can work but they need to learn not to panic, it leans to a bit of silliness sometimes. However, when the front isn't setting a good enough platform, it can be hard.

I don't buy in to the Brailey stuff, I think he's been good all year, tackles his heart out. Just needs to run a bit more, looks good when he does.


First Grade
I’d start by, I know it’s unrealistic but I don’t care cos I want to contribute to the wrist slitting, moving on 4-6 players that have absolutely done their dash as far as I am concerned

Ronaldo- an over the top, showmanship wanker that makes more mistakes than useful contributions to the team. An error on his first touch last night and two, maybe three defensive errors. He’s had a shocking year and should have been dropped and stayed dropped. Hiroti, Stonestreet, Iro anybody would be better. might do good things off field but idgaf about that

Talakai- is not a centre. This experiment is well and truly over. Gets found out every week and is defensively so bad I can scarcely believe a bloke his size gets so easily fended off. Impact bench player for mine.

Toby- all heart and effort but at the end of the day, not good enough. Errors, penalties and missed tackles. No size and no mongrel. Times up Toby

BB- All the potential in the world, hits as hard as anyone, but not a smart footy player. Doesn’t have the defence in two minds because he’s not creative, barely runs. In terms of hookers he’s nowhere near the top 5 in the game

Dale- was excited when we signed him but those qualities that we needed from him have not been brought out. Always injured or suspended, handbrake in attack. Someone see if Moylan can fit DF in his suitcase

We need aggressive, strong forwards who do the dirty work and don’t make stupid errors and miss tackles. Mongrel. Size. Anger. Something NONE of our forwards have. the JFH, JWH, Leniu mould.

Ah well. Ob la di ob la da


Wonder what sort of draw we will get. There are so many dipshits saying we are gifted easy draws and begging the NRL to make it hard for us


I look at teams like Broncos and Newcastle who have turned it around in 1 season and think this club has gone back to accepting mediocrity as being successful. The Broncos and Knights were absolute trash last year. It'll be a worry if there's no roster shake up because some players need to be shown the door


Wonder what sort of draw we will get. There are so many dipshits saying we are gifted easy draws and begging the NRL to make it hard for us
Go back and compare each team and who they played. You’ll see it really isn’t that much different. You are talking about maybe 2 more teams that didn’t make the 8 over 27 rounds.

Unless the competition ever got serious and you played each other twice. Meh. Who gives a f**k.


Speed, speed, speed…. We desperately lack it.

We’ve no pace off the mark, and no long range pace. Jack Williams is our only forward who has anything like quick feet - which means whilst we have good toilers, there’s no explosive oomph across the whole team.

We’re very samey samey across the whole park, no point of difference
We need three wild eyed forwards like the three in foreground here. Get the opposition running scared.
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