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Non Footy Chat Thread II

Gary Gutful

Post Whore
Took my dog to the vet Saturday morning because she hasn’t been herself, just got the test results back she’s got brain cancer. Pretty f**king Devo’d atm. Vet said I need to make the decision sooner rather than later because she will go downhill fast. She’s 9 so not young but hardly old and never been sick in her life.
That sucks Hiney. F**ken dogs. They are turds to begin with and then become amazing and then f**ken die on you. Its hard because at their best they are better than the majority of people you'll ever encounter. Sadly though, its all too fleeting.


Staff member
Their loyalty is endless and they love you without ever complaining.

I've lost 3 long-term pets, all Weimaraners. I used to breed them.


Post Whore
Is that true but ?

not sure what you are saying .... that bug flour isn't real? that its good? that its not in use? ..... that f**ked check says nothing other than eating bugs is cool - if you wanna think that fine

reality is, they are producing food from bugs (chips, pasta, etc) ..... is it all perfectly well labelled? maybe? .... will it become more widespread? most likely ..... will it become an accepted ingredient when economically viable? I assume so

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