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Non Footy Chat Thread II

the phantom menace

First Grade
Not at all.
You are the only one that keeps mentioning him.
And it bothers you... how exactly?

I usually only mention Hayne in the appropriate thread, apart from my one comment here about that Jai article, re doing the NFL to NRL thing in reverse. Which seems to have triggered some "pearl clutchers" whose comments to/about me then unnecessarily perpetuate the thing they seem to be upset about... 🤷‍♂️
Return of the Greys last Monday:


The craft appear more square shaped and are further apart.

I’m thinking first contact is a lot closer than we care to think.

A bbq drum stick could the universal sign of friendship and goodwill.

There does appear to be some reflective signage in the clouds.


An upside down rooster sign.

But the blue lights remain of unknown origin.
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I still think @Gary Gutful should have taken up my challenge to set up an Australian Roswell.

Hark! Screaming and carrying on from up the road, slamming of doors, I love sydneys western suburbs.

The dulcet tones of a neighbourhood dispute to eat dinner to.
The Alan Jones is facing more public allegations.

I’m not sure his humiliation serves any constructive purpose. He’s not very influential anymore.

I wish people making serious allegations take it to the cops.

Then see what happens.

I could be wrong but I suspect many people think he has very cosmopolitan and liberal views on sexuality since his English sojourn and don’t really care.

And if he is gay, ffs, so what?

It’s all a conspiracy to sell advertising.
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