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Not getting ahead of ourselves but….

Does NSW getting beat open the door for JDB to be recalled to the Blues team for SOO 2?
Mixed feelings on this. Hope he does represent as deserves it but being without his enormous workload for one, perhaps two weeks is more than our weak roster can cope with.
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look for green shoots
Have plenty of them. We have to keep them but will we be able to if our club does not offer sufficient incentive to entice them. We have already had two of the three amigos seeking a release for whatever reasons....


First Grade
I’m shocked that you are the only one who brings up Ryles being a moron!
I just said this in the coach post!
I used to scream at Ryles on the tv for being an idiot, always trying stupid passes, dropping the ball, or other bonehead plays!
I was shocked when they said “Ryles is the man, and is looking at 5 years”!
Have they completely lost their mind!
He may turn into a brilliant coach but ffs, he was a massive bonehead ad a player!
What the deal with saints always doing the rookie old boy deal!!
1 time in my 48 years we get a genuine elite coach in Bennett and we win the title, with a team now where near as good as 2005 team!
2005 (Aussie players , 2 props, 5/8, 2 centres etc)!
If Bennet coaches from 2004 to 2012 we win at least 3 titles!
But nup, let’s go for a rookie old untested phenom in Bonehead Ryles!
I swear this saints board is deadset trolling us at this stage!
Surely they must be!
Ryles the Rhodes Scholar and football genius!
They’re saying 5 years, let’s give him 20 and on 3 million a year!🤦‍♂️
I'm with you - been thinking this as well.

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