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NRL 360 + other footy shows

T.S Quint

The thing is different players respond to different methods. There’s every chance players like Mahoney or Kikau agree with the method even if it’s used against them, while a Pangai or Topine do not.
The problem is if the punishment is being driven by a few, even if it’s the coach, as a means to weed out “weak” squad members, it’s a f**ken deplorable thing to do

Full Metal Jacket style.



First Grade
Also posted on the gram the Dogs are signing some Dragons forward 27 year old been at Roosters and Warriors...


Post Whore
Tpj was on 750-800k
Us medically retiring Hodgson
Bit hypocritical to acuse them of dodgie play


I genuinely don't feel Parra has issues internally.
I think it was a terrible season and a poor start dropping so many early games by a few points but we lost our best prop for half the year. Our best edge forward for most the year along with D.Brown for about 8 games and Moses missed I think 7. Along with no real hooker. Lussicks not great but probably a improvement on Hands and Hodgson.
Just need to improve the backline a little. Also not against a new coach instead of Mr Potato Head.

With the way our Sg Ball and Flegg side is going I also think the junior depth is looking promising moving forward. Unsure about 2024 but 2025 the Eels will be a very good football side.

The rabbits have Latrell who seems an issue. Also Cook and Walker getting old. And Ilias is still questionable to wether he is the future. That's 4 big question marks on the 4 most important positions. Also don't get what Wighton brings to the side or where he plays. Seems a bit of a waste of 800k if at centre.

The Dogs may just click. But we still are unsure if Mahoney and Burton are worth those big dollars. Kikau I also think has played his best footy. He may have one more cracking year but I don't see him getting to that 800k+ level. Also blows my mind they let Averilo go along with Ciraldo thinking Perham was a better option. Crazy to think about tbh. I never see sides who just spend big go well long term. Time will tell.
Similar to panfers

They made the gf last year
They lost kikau and korosau

Chin boy and luai were out

They lost origin players

Mustve lost some forwards like leniu comes to mind

We have issues mate. Maybe the older, senior players who now all have big long contracts arent putting in as much