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NRL Rd 22 2023 - General Non-Warriors Thread


First Grade
Rd 22 Ladder:


The odd man out in the top-eight is Canberra with their dodgy f/a. They simply won't last if they drop another game. As said by others, the Sharks are slipping badly in form.

Manly's f/a isn't flash either but that draw (they had with Newcastle) makes it irrelevant. They'll reach the finals by winning games.

The Titans won today but, in reality, they're gone, aren't they? Look at their f/a. They may as well have a 'it doesn't really matter, let's have some fun' hit-out next week. If so, it sounds like fun indeed! (We know who else is playing there too!!)

Sheens'/Benji's Tigers have the spoon. I take zero joy in stating that.
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that 26-24 pt group is where the action is, I guess the three on 22 might hold some hope, but need a winning streak and others to fall


The top 4 with a bit of a break now, if we can beat the Titans on Friday the top 4 will be looking good for us although Manly and Dolphins could still be tricky

The winners and grand finalists usually come from the top 4

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