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NRL Rd 24 2023 - General Non-Warriors Thread

Newcastle thrash Canterbury 42-6 to launch themselves into the eight! Rd 24 Ladder:

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Three games left, are Manly really gone? What if they win their last three? And the Cowboys are still in it too.
Sharks have a tough-ish run playing others in the hunt for top 8.
We need to win 2 of 3 to secure top 4 and 3 of 3 for top 3.
Would be disappointing now to drop to 5th.
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What would that mean, a home final in week one but no guarantee of a life? Plus we'd play every week to the GF if we kept winning?
Home final first up, loser out, if we won take on lowest rank loser of top 4 away.
A major injury could have us slip back down.
A slip to 5th would just take the wind out of the sales.
If we beat Manly this week we should be ok


5th isn't going to happen unless we really drop the bundle. it'd require us to either got 0-3 or 1-2 in the remaining games, and in the latter scenario the Sharks would also need to go 3-0. Our realistic scenarios are 3rd or 4th. that's it.

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