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NSW game 2 team


Luai is the liability imo, having an incompetent 6 along with a fullback that doesn’t pass the ball enough really takes away from the opportunities of the outside backs.

I can't fathom why he has kept Luai, absolute dud who specialises in running sideways. Was OK against the Roostes but it was only the Roosters

Why would we drop the only bloke that did any ball playing in game 1?


Moses is ok, Reynolds would have been too, Hynes couldn't be picked after that Melb game, he was rattled by the pressure of possible selection.

A 14 that can tackle is a better option.

Teddy should have gone for Edwards but that's not really plausible. To'o and Crichton should be wingers. Turbo, Latrell, Staggs should be the centre considerations in that order, IF fit. TPJ should have stayed, forwards were good. The issue was edge defence, and generally I'd say that's the coaches fault but players got into position and missed tackles they shouldn't and generally don't at club level, except for the Fox who did what you could expect.


Scott drinkwater would have played a half dozen origin games by now if he was a Queenslander.

NSW’s obsession with “big bodies” for origin always f**ks us. We don’t pick players who don’t fit a certain model, and have absolutely no idea how to use an X factor super sub.

meanwhile QLD have happily started Bowen, Cronk, DCE, Ponga, and others from the bench and just brought them on as a roaming attacker because they know they are better with them than without them

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