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R26 - Warriors v Dragons, Matchday


What’s the story with Berry and Metcalf? Man the absence of Berry really stood out
Sound like Berry’s wasn’t too bad but I’d say Metcalf is gone for the year. Fingers crossed TMM is good to go and we can give him a hit out against the phins.
On the one hand it’s disappointing we’re not running up scores in these games but on the other having these opponents standup and make us work is probably better finals prep.
Ok, so do we have problems adjusting to the light after the lights off WWE entry?

What is up with the kickoffs in last couple of weeks?

Dragons kickoff bounces between Niukore CNK and DWZ, DWZ knocks it back to CNK and Lomas knocks it forward to get the ball back to score. Review shows it knocked on by Lomas into CNK. Bloody lucky.

CNK tackled in the air there?

Ref finds a hand in the ruck by Dragons. Starting on the halfway.

Metcalf knocks on a Harris offload 10m out.

Bunty 2nd effort in tackle and penalised. Dragons start on the halfway.

Egan gets a 6 again on the last.

Berry makes a break but was dragged into touch. Elbow with ball touches ground a couple of time before going out, so tackle complete. Poor call.

Scrum clock goes off and nothing happens.

Harris given a 6 again on the last tackle, Egan was shaping to kick as it was called.

Pompey cuts a line through the defense with play the balls putting Dragons on the back foot.

6-0 15mins

AFB puts ball down 2nd tackle after kickoff on our 20m.

Dragons knock ball on from dummy half at halfway.

CNK scores off our pet backline play adaptation as Lomax gets up on outside of CNK cutting out pass but doesn't tackle him.

10-0 20mins

Dragons knock into AFB, but can't accelerate or find Metcalfe on outside.

Curran earns a penalty after being pushed over on the 5th 30cm out. Wonder why not 6 again?

Egan attempt goes upstairs short of the line on 2nd tackle.

Metcalfe bomb to DWZ goes up AFL style and knees Lomax in neck area and Finau does ankle on landing and off, Lomax now off with HIA.

Hunt bomb bounces and BMM offside catches the ball and penalised.

DWZ tackle Dragon in the air off SJ bomb.

SJ kick behind on 4th to much for DWZ to get to with inexperienced winger up and goes out.

Montoya skittle a Dragons player who has an HIA in his future.

SJ bomb goes dead.

Berry off for Ford??

Curran done for a strip, claims he didn't, captains challenge. Ball in an awkward spot and no stripping action! Challenge successful! 40m scrum out from Dragons line.

Blood bin called on Dragon, don't see them to often stop play. Friendly fire now off for HIA.

AFB lash out on ground there to face?

SJ loses ball and CNK strips it back 1 on 1.

AFB through the front door under the post!

Oh dear, smiling before ball goes to ground and loses it! Poor attention to detail!

Harris works over Dragon in tackle and penalised penalised. Dragons on our 40m.

Sloan kicks on 2nd tackle and it goes out.

Ford with a juggling act but not lost.

Niukore knocks on a SJ short pass, needed soft hands. Looking scrappy. Completion at 68%.


Dragons Make a break pushing off Egan and loses ball in tackle.

Metcalfe off, holding a hammy.

Niukore slow to his feet.

Egan baited and Dragons took it, not square at marker. Starting on their 40m.

Walker grubber taken dead under Ford pressure. Ford looked to have a touch. 20m restart.

Ford hand in face, pushing up off tackle and penalised. Dragons on halfway.

CNK taken dead for dropout.

SJ short dropout doesn't go 10m and penalised.

Ford pinballed around and interfered with in playing the ball and earns a penalty. Starting on the Dragons 40m.

Ford getting pinged for nothing, he wasn't square but didn't play at anything or anyone. To let Dragons out of their 10m to the 30m. Next Harris penalised for holding down, now 35m out.

Dragons score after Bunty called out by ref and leaves a gap. Looked square on replay. Bunker steps in and knock on onto CNK leg called.

Dragons knock in on in front of post.

Charge down on SJ kick and CNK races to get it back.

Attack is so poor tonight.

Curran penalised for tackle in air after driving him back in goal.

Couple of shepard by dragons let go.

Lomax scores off DWZ bomb drop into Dragons hands.

10-6 62mins

Rabalala loses ball in tackle and challenging. Egan 2nd movement hand on ball and penalised. Dumb shit.

Dragons on their 30m.

Dragons throw a forward pass on last.

Lussick stuffs the play the ball up!

Dragons lose the ball on Tackle 2 under Lussick tackle.

Dragons allowed to push Curran over on last tackle.

SJ grubber through looked forced by Sloan but then AFB pushes it down. Ref say it's a pickup attempt not a forcing attempt, TRY!

Bunker confirms! Dumb by Sloan.

16-6 76mins.

Short dropout smashed back by DWZ has Dragons chasing but Harris grabbing.

Ford has ball stripped and wins penalty.

Starting halfway.

Dragons chip for winger knocks it on 30m out from their line.

SJ stripped in front with 30sec left.

Taking the 2.

18-6 80mins

Good half but we should have scored a couple more. How did AFB not score?
Must have been watching a different game. With so much possession 60% we only up by 10. Kicking poor, hands poor, attention to detail poor. Only good thing was Curran tightened up the left edge in defense.
Sound like Berry’s wasn’t too bad but I’d say Metcalf is gone for the year. Fingers crossed TMM is good to go and we can give him a hit out against the phins.
On the one hand it’s disappointing we’re not running up scores in these games but on the other having these opponents standup and make us work is probably better finals prep.
Feel we limping into the finals against lower ranked teams, who have been perceived to be playing better, but if you look at the opposition stats how many completed at 90%+ and dominating possession?
We dogged it tonight, 1 out stuff, poor hands, poor kicking. Defence only thing holding us together.


Egan was running a lot more. Possibly a ploy to help ruck speed by breaking up defense rhythm. I liked it but thought he could have had a bit more support around him as he jumped out from dummy half as there was a lot of space around the ruck to exploit.

No doubt the loss of Metcalf and Berry stunted our flow in attack as Berry was on SJs side so that suffered in timing etc and then Metcalf was missing on our left so both sides of attack had to try and adjust which explains some of our issues. In saying that have these interruptions now gives us the chance to see our best plan b.

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