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Rd25 2021: Non Parra games


Agree with Avenger ... 2009 Hayne is very hard to surpass as a one season effort .... but agree that Turbo will probably be potentially best of all time cos he is not a peanut like hayne

Yeah i think Hayne did it all, he was also our halves combined, occasionally you see those highlights on youtube and you forget just how much he did for the team and some of the shit he did that was unbelievable!

Turbo though is f**king phenomenal and agree, he could easily be the GOAT if his body holds up.

Hayne and Turbo have a completely different skillset as well, Hayne had all the skills of the greatest players combined but did not have the attitude, work ethic or commitment of any of them.

Turbo has the attitude, work ethic and commitment of the greatest players and uses the skills and size he does have at an exceedingly high level.

It really is just a shame that Hayne half assed it a lot of the time. He still achieved plenty but it would have been amazing to see if he had of applied himself.......


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Felt Hook gave Norman decent praise in the presser and couldn’t wait to see the back of him at the same time 😛🤣


Post Whore
Tevanga, Lodge, Evans .... lol ... you know you are in trouble with these 3 fired up and nothing to lose last game of the year


Evans just needs to get fit…
I cant believe the Worriers signed him. I didnt think anybody could be stupider that us for signing that goose.
Back when BA would sign anyone that was tall. Maybe Ram will get his wish if BAs next fetish is speed.


Lodge and Evans are just dumb and dumber put together. In terms of trade offs us signing papali'i at cut price and getting rid of evans on 450k is the best piece of business this club has ever done.

There is something wrong with the Warriors that they can't harness the talent they have at there disposal.

How many good players leave there and come over to Australia and fulfill their potential at other clubs. I reckon outside of Simon Mannering i dont recall one decent forward out of NZ that has had any consistency at the club.