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Round 10 Panthers V Storm


Gonna be tough for right wingers at Penrith. The second space opens up on the right Edwards and Crichton freak out and f**k it up.

Terrific win today. But what stood out most to me was the amount of certain tries I thought we had bombed by not passing.

Thank god that didnt matter today.


Watching live he should of passed, on replay Critter made the right call
The first time he didn't pass it cost a try. 2nd time he got there but To'o was unmarked and another time he tried to pass too late. I hope To'o doesn't get starved like Staines was

Smug Panther

First Grade
Absolutely murdered them.

Pretty sure Smug will release a true crime podcast about Western Sydney's worst serial killer at the end of the season.

Needs a good name, best I can come up with at short notice is 'Slayed by Salmon'
He makes May look like Craig Wing as a utility


First Grade
Still an awesome win and I'm pretty hyped.

But the missed tries are a little disappointing.


We put away the stupid running it on the last on the opposition try line but otherwise we were the same as we’ve been all season. Great but not special.

The Storm were trash, with Paps and Hughes they have more points in them, but their defence is what it is. We are stronger through the middle and out wide they’re absolute pus.

From our end Edwards and Crichton can’t pass for shit and butcher tries but they’re so much better at everything else than the next possible player that we just make do. But Crichton is naturally, all things being equal, a winger, he can’t set up a winger and pass for shit, you’ve all f**king learnt that now right and I don’t have to put up with Jim Carey Dumb and Dumber faces when I f**king say it now right?

Chris Smith should get his opportunity during Origin, if SOO selection doesn’t pan out that way and injuries don’t either then Ivan needs to simply select him in first grade for a stint. I think the majority here who has seen him play a bit would agree Chris Smith getting an extended chance in first grade should mean end of Salmon who has been found wanting.


First Grade
What an outstanding performance. We were dominant and suffocating as usual but were overall pretty fluent despite the game being played in biblical conditions. A few errors, but it was really well played in the wet.

Yeo was unreal. Incredible a bloke of his size can do what he did for Tago's first try. To run and tackle as well as any middle while laying on plays like that is pretty special.

In a similar vein, Edwards is light years ahead of where he was only a couple of seasons ago. Some great passes and overall makes the right look considerably more threatening.

Cleary was exceptional, but Luai, Kikau and Critta were all very good. Thought big Moses played really well too, especially in his first stint. No poor performances though.

I don't think the result would have been much different with Hughes/Papi. They're both great players, but what half/fullback is going to carry a game when the middle gets so thoroughly smashed? As good as they look when they go even or win the physical side of the game, they look desperate and rudderless when they lose it (which admittedly doesn't happen often). We have to be on vs them, but I don't think their best is anywhere near a match for ours.

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