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Round 11 vs. New Zealand Warriors @Suncorp (Magic Round)

Michael Matral

Irony is..Alamoti is a decent goalkicker with a big boot..fair play to the Warriors, played their best game of the year and were much stronger up the middle for most of the match. Serious reset needed by us for next week..


Post Whore
I agree. Penrith haven't been great this season. They need Nathan back fit and firing. Martin and Tago also need to find form. Both have been terrible.


Post Whore
I agree Hindy; add in how cut up the pitch was at that point of the field. I would have liked to have seen us go for the win.

At best you go into golden point if nailed it. Still only a 50/50 of winning.Different if infront amd 25 out. A full set at their line with their defense gassed would be a 50/50 of scoring a try imo for the win.


So many terrible little moments.

Yeo sin bin. Stupid play. Should have known better.
Tago not improving position when he had every opportunity to do so. Thoughtless.
Ivan benching Alamoti. If tactical its insane.
Dyl missing gettable conversions.
Throw in loads of dopey errors, poor defensive moments from both sides of the fields. Periods where we were run over in the middle by team who wanted it more.

Its all well and good to say we still nearly won in spite of that, but even a fraction of that shit in a big match and we'll be smoked when it matters most.

We have been playing shit and winning and people have been ignoring it.

Maybe now they won't

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