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Round 10 vs. Canterbury Bulldogs @Bluebet


Given the conditions and Cleary injury I'll take the win.

Luai gets to show if he's the $6m contract man next week or just a pretender.

Cleary - oh my. Where to begin? Hopefully the injury is a week/fortnight max. These conditions are the absolute worst to come back from a leg injury let alone a hamstring one. Heavier boggy ground makes the muscle mechanisms work harder and as a result the muscles are more susceptible to injury.

Defence - outside those two soft tries at the end. The overall defence was good. Two bad misses lead directly to those Dogs tries. Bad discipline has also lead to more defensive work. Errors again lead to kore defensive work. Those areas need to be fixed quick smart.

Cole - I thought he was defensively sound in that second half. Kept Kikau contained reasonably well. His attacking game will come.

Luai - it wasn’t it tonight. His skipping is getting predictable and does nothing for the attacking shape.

Scrappy - I said last week when making this post that if Panthers didn’t hold the ball and gave away penalties it would be a grind and lo and behold that’s what the game was. Yes conditions were poor but they have a standard I think we can all agree that aren’t quite hitting at the moment. Win is a win though! 2 points in the bag when not humming so that’s positive!

Forwards - I thought all the forwards put in a shift tonight. Bench was good and got through work, scrambled well and ran hard.

Hopefully Nathan’s and Brad’s injuries aren’t too bad and they can bounce back soon.


Luai ran straight after catching the ball once all game which lead to a try assist.

Didn't run straight in the other seventy nine minutes.


May needs to revert into a around the legs tackler close to the line. His up high method gifted the Dogs two tries.


The right side again looked avg in defence but the team as a whole looked to have that resolve tonight we have missed lately.

Cleary looked minor but you never know with a hammy. Id say hell be out 3-4 weeks at least

We are just getting in done atm. Not pretty or elite but 2 points is 2 points

Panther Mike

We were looking pretty good before Nathan hobbled off. Happy enough with the win against all the ex Panthers and typically gritty defence but Luai and Cole as a halves combo looked very ordinary. Schneider more reliable.


First Grade
Just happy to get through that with the 2 points. Given the hammy and the rain it was never going to be pretty.

I liked the look of Cole. For his first real NRL involvement I thought he did well. Made his tackles, including a good one on Burton (I think) put in a good kick or two as well. Can't ask for much more from the kid.

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