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Round 10 vs. Canterbury Bulldogs @Bluebet

John Hamblin

On the game, probably went as you’d expect. Dogs hung in there but didn’t take their chances. Kicking in that first half was the difference and got us on top. Luai’s kicking was pretty good, it’s come along.

If Nath is out for a bit I think we should try a Luai/Cole combo. We’ve seen what Schneider has and he’s solid/fine so why not see where Cole is at with a decent few games to warm into it before going back to Cup to work on some stuff. Wouldn’t mind Toelau getting a few games in the 14 while we’re at it.
Hopefully Cole gets a few games under his belt while Nathan is out. He deserves first go at 5/8.

Roosters rule

A few reflections

Despite the conditions it was a reasonable game. Dogs turned up to play. They are slowing building a decent team. Still have issues, but at least they are competing.

I thought Cleary's kicking was the difference. He kicked well in the first half. Long and short. You built your lead and sat on it.
To'o could have gotten a 2nd try if not for desperate defence.

Edges held out most of the game, but still some issues there to tighten up. Injuries haven't help combinations. Cleary made a few vital tackles in the first half. Shame he got injured.
Dogs attack not fluent enough to cause too many problems.

To'o shifting to Alamoti's side was very wise. You could see him constantly communicating with Alamoti during the game.

Cole is a slow burn. He will do a job. He has limited Fg experience. You can tell he is adjusting to the pace at the moment. He will slowly build confidence and then try things in attack. Luai needs to step up in the meantime to make it easier on Cole.

Garner should be re-signed.

Bred not Bought

For those who can't access the article.
Still awaiting scans.
Best case scenario Low grade iritation of scar tissue. 4 weeks.

Worst case. Grade 2 tear. 4-6 weeks can be slightly longer if player re-injures the same hamstring.

Schneider. Anywhere from a fortnight to 8 weeks.

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