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Round 13 - v Panthers


The comments on Instagram surrounding the team list are just plain dumb.

They're asking for Eisenhuth to get dropped.

And then the outcry asking for Tamale is ridiculous as well - he CANNOT DEFEND AT NSW CUP LEVEL - what makes anyone think he can defend in first grade against the Panthers backline???

It seems that Rava has been dropped for reasons I'm assuming are related to what Drew said on JA.

They're also asking for Kyle to be dropped. Based on what? Oh yeah, and also, and replace him with f**ken who?

I would prefer Tuitavake for Lawrie though.
Drop a winger.
How many times does that happen?
No backs or utilities on the bench.
No Tamale under 19s NSW we letting go ffs.
Tom in centres again if one goes off.
Them we are really stuffed.
I think Pamthers have enough points in them to win.
Really scraping the bottom of the bowl with his selections.
Pretty much agree with this assessment. An injury to a back means Eisenhuff in the centres, which means (another) Blow-Out.
If we get done by what is effectively a Panffers Jersey Flegg team it's gonna be hard to take.


No Tamale means we are basically letting him go which is a shame. He has the talent and can play centre/wing which is useful. Good to see Sione Finau, Ryan and Toby Couchman back. They deserve to be picked.
Buchanan and Williams are better than Tamale, Sav is a talent but he's shown literally zero improvement from what is a horrendous base to start with defensively. Buchanan and Williams don't have these glaring deficiencies. Perfect, no, but a stronger base and at the very least we know Hayden has an outstanding attitude. Who knows about Jesse, but he doesn't look like he would necessarily have a "bad" attitude. Given that, they will improve, and are already defensively stronger than Sav


Both couchies would be more mobile than Eisenhuth ... risk is an injury to liddle though. I think Nu Brown still plays.
after Eisenhuths efforts last week I dont want him near the team, I never saw a Dragons first grade forward get done so easily multiple times in the one game, even given he was playing in the centres....thought he had to have a dislocated shoulder.

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