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Round 16 - Rabbitohs vs Eels: Saturday 2nd July 7:35pm @Accor Stadium


Watched the replay and we didn’t have a bad player everyone put in!

Trell went better than I expected for his first game back. AJ is in career best form even his carries out of trouble have improved on previous seasons.

Tass was very good I thought very energetic and fast did lots of the shit work too. Paulo overall a strong game.

Cody looked more relaxed no doubt Trell being back helped but yeah Cody kicking game was on and his kick chase and his tackling. He was very involved in attack too. Young Lachy we couldn’t have asked for a better bounce back.

Damien what a machine man he just doesn’t stop he was everywhere last night thoroughly outplayed Mahoney by a country mile. Junior was very strong and busy. Shame about Sele he looked good. I thought Jai was more involved whilst Murray did what Murray does.

Off the bench Tom was magnificent and Havili keeps going well he’s been a very good buy for us!

Most of all I hope that gives the boys some confidence and self belief back. That last night was much more like the South Sydney we all know and love now to build on it!

Also hearing Trell say he’s putting Souths first last night that made me feel emotional and that he really appreciates what the club has done for him!